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winawood garden furniture on a lawn

There’s no doubt that if you’ve ever had to oil a wooden bench, you know it’s a pain in the a$$!

That’s where Winawood comes in, providing a maintenance-free garden furniture option that simply gives you back that time.

Which is why we love them!

There’s plenty of choice, with garden benches, love seats, and even full-on dining sets to choose from.


We’ve got you covered – read on for our top Winawood picks of 2021.

2 seater winawood speyside garden bench teak

2 Seater Winawood – Speyside Teak


“We love how unique this bench  is, with a criss cross style that isn’t very common in garden furniture. The light teak colour is a known best seller, making it ideal for most people”.

winawood love seat powder blue

Winawood Love Seat – Powder Blue


“A great alternative to a normal garden bench, the love seat comes with a central table, that can be used to rest a drink, and even insert a parasol for extra shade”.

winawood 2 seater garden bench grey

2 Seater Winawood – Grey


“The darker grey colour isn’t for everyone, but it has its place as a more subtle garden seat, perhaps in a public area. It’s great value on Amazon”.

3 seater winawood garden bench in powder blue colour

3 Seater Winawood – Powder Blue


“We love the light powder blue colour, which brings a real freshness to a garden setting, without standing out as being overly artificial. A great buy on Amazon too”.

Winawood Dining Sets/Tables

Updated: 05/03/2021

As of publication, there don’t seem to be many providers that have in-stock dining sets from Winawood.

You can keep checking this link to see if they come back.

What is Winawood?

Winawood is a brand of outdoor furniture.

The material it’s made from is known as “composite” or “resin” garden furniture, and it’s made from compressed plastics. This compression process creates a grain like structure that makes it very similar to wood in appearance, with a natural feel and look.

However unlike wood, it doesn’t rot or warp when left outside, so you have outdoor furniture that you can rely on.

It’s a great maintenance-free option for those that dislike teak oiling benches/furniture sets.

Winawood FAQ’s

Is Winawood Made from Plastic?

Not in the conventional sense. Winawood™ is a composite of a few materials that are created and compacted during the formation of polystyrene, creating a hard solid structure that is much heavier and durable than hardwood, and certainly contains none of the traits you would associate with a plastic bench.

Does Winawood Rot/Warp Like a Wooden Bench?

No, these benches are completely weatherproof, and will not warp or become damaged by the weather in any way. They will look brand new for years to come, and that’s why they come with a 2 year guarantee!

The main benefit of a weather-resistant garden bench, is that you don’t need to oil, cover, or store it, like you would with a traditional hardwood or teak bench.

Can you use these as a memorial bench?

Yes, Winawood™ weatherproof garden furniture can be screwed into without damaging the material. It is very simple to add a plaque to this bench, and we have many customers who have used this as a memorial bench, sports club bench, or a bench for local parks and council buildings.

Are these benches heavy duty?

Yes definitely, this is one of the best characteristics of the Winawood™ range. They are twice as heavy as the average keruing wooden bench, and double the thickness, giving them a solid sturdy feel, that will last as long as the bench does. This makes them a perfect garden furniture option for care homes, or for anyone who needs to put their full weight onto the arms when sitting and getting up from the seat.

Why choose wood-effect garden furniture?

It simply gives you the best of both! You get to enjoy a piece of garden furniture that look exactly like wood, but it requires none of the maintenance alongside it. Therefore wood-effect can be considered the best compromise between natural classic, and up to date man made.

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